Metal Outdoor Pergola For Home And Garden Furniture

  • Metal Outdoor Pergola For Home And Garden Furniture
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Metal Outdoor Pergola For Home And Garden Furniture
  • SunLever
  • Foshan City, Guangdong, China
  • 10 days
  • 200 square metres per day

☀ SunLever outdoor pergola can be used as a metal garden furniture to complement your other home and garden furniture perfectly.

☀ Since outdoor pergola provides shade and waterproof protection for your outdoor space and outdoor furniture, it can bring you a all weather outdoor living space.

Using SunLever pergola to enhance a Spring garden

As aluminum garden furniture, the louvered pergola becomes the resting center of the garden.

A louvered pergola is a piece of garden furniture that can impact your outdoor life all day long.

In the morning before the sun comes out, you can open all the blades of the louvered pergola to breathe in the freshest air of the day.

When the blades are fully open, the louvered pergola can achieve maximum ventilation, up to 80%.

At noon, the sun shines directly inside the louvered pergola.

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Then you can close the blades to a certain angle or all the way, depending on your comfort.

At night, closing all the blades can achieve a wind-shielding effect.

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