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  • 10 Best pergola ideas to upgrade your backyard

    The backyard pergola itself seems to be a common structure, but actually there is a lot of difference in these items, such as the changes from simplity to complication, from indoor living space to outdoor leisure area; we will introduce the ten idea to decribe the possibility in such background.

  • Talk About The Design For Patio or Pergola

    When we talk about the design of patio or pergola,we usually come out a normal shape of wooden or aluminium pergola stand on backyard,garden.Beside of the these application scenarios ,we got other places to set up the aluminium pergola, this is what we talk about the design for patio or pergola, it means the different scenarios and relevant products applied.

  • Outdoor Living Scenarios in Summer

    In such a season, you must enjoy the outdoor life of swimming or sunbathing, but you also need some sun protection. The bioclimatic pergola beside the swimming pool is necessary. After your enjoying swim, it provides you with a cool place to relax. The sunshade area under the pergola creates a private leisure space for you. In addition, the angle of the louvers can be changed through the remote control, so that you can enjoy different sunshades while blocking external heat. For example, you can adjust the sunlight by refraction according to your wishes, and add blinds, shutters and aluminum screens to make the outdoor living environment perfect.

  • The superiority of The SunLever Cantilever Umbrella

    About SunLever cantilever parasol (featured) The flexibility of SunLever parasol allow it being rotated 360° horizontally or tilted 90° vertically, the area under parasol is wide enough that the coverage will be 6.25 and 9 square meters. Easy controling handle determines the opening and closing flexibly. The configuration of blue tooth speaker and solar LED belt , suitable for leisure activities both day and night.

  • SunLever Cantilever Parasol

    It is necessary to have your own sun parasols when you enjoy the leisure time and comfortable space, but it is somehow hard to create a shading area while many patio umbrella is central post and hard to move or need to attach the tables, lead to some situation of space limitation.

  • Pergola is Suitable For Different Climate Conditions Under 4 Seasons

    SunLever's waterproof pergola with louvered blades are suitable for both home and commercial applications and provide a high degree of protection against all weather conditions. Furthermore,pergola is suitable for different climate conditions under 4 seasons.

  • Custom Outdoor Living

    It is comfortable to spend time outdoors, which is what most people expect from a pleasant climate. By adding a functional, aesthetically pleasing outdoor living space to your patio, you can always take advantage of these outdoor benefits. A fire pit area, dining room, lounge deck, and even an outdoor kitchen can enhance the quality of life in your home.

  • LED Strip Light for Pergola

    24 Vdc LED Strip Light Power: 5W/M Color Temperature (CCT): 3000K IP Rating:IP67

  • The Special of SunLever and Pergola

    SunLever is a new company established in 2020, but SunLever pergola and aluminium finished products has been around for 15 years.

  • The Benefits You Can Expect from a Pergola

    The blades are operable and this enable the pergola to always provide the best environment. Multipurpose usage scenarios, diversified design styles and impeccable control system ensure pergola to integrate as a single item into leisure living spaces.

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