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Global Leading Design - Up to 7 meters span of louvered pergola in one module (E300)

  • SunLever Pergola in the 15th China (UAE) Trade Expo
  • SunLever in the 134th Canton Fair

Why Choose Sunlever

  • $700


    Under the background of enterprise management with in-depth implementation of lean production and quality control, SunLever has always pursued strategy of excellent quality while maintaining a competitive price that less than $700 for unit set of standard pergola.
  • 40,000+ ㎡

    Production base

    SunLever, responding to the requirements of the times, the ongoing increased demand of its products for worldwide use, as well as the significant increase in its clientele and the opening of new markets abroad, SunLever is on the way of expending production scale with more than 24 production lines.
  • 700+


    More than one tenth of the staff are employees of the R&D system, which allows us to keep producing innovative products. Today's personnel are still keep increasing to meet the huge production demand of new markets.
  • 18


    Our total respect to the customer as well as our philosophy in the continuous improvement of the product quality and services provided, led us to establish the patents approved by intellectual property office in China & Europe as a significant competitive advantage and in many cases a prerequisite of cooperation.
  • Aluminium Pergolas Redefine Outdoor Spaces as Multifunctional Havens

    Aluminium Pergolas, celebrated for their shade-providing prowess, are now revealing a new facet of versatility, transforming into multifunctional havens that cater to a diverse range of outdoor needs. Beyond their traditional role as shade providers, these structures evolve into adaptable spaces, serving as outdoor offices, yoga retreats, or vibrant social hubs, meeting the varied demands of individuals seeking a dynamic outdoor experience.

  • Aluminium Pergolas Redefine Outdoor Spaces as Artistic Masterpieces

    Experience the marriage of form and function as Aluminium Pergolas elevate outdoor aesthetics to new heights. Beyond their role as shade providers, these structures emerge as captivating art pieces, introducing unique designs and exquisite forms that turn your outdoor space into a curated masterpiece.

Guangdong Yongfeng Lihua Shading Technology Co., Ltd.

Starting out as the Finished Product Department of Foshan City Nanhai YONGFENG Aluminium Co., Ltd. (YFA), we have been dedicated to the research, development, production, sale, and comprehensive service of aluminium shading products since 2007. As a result of the hard work and determination in the past 15 years, in 2020, we established Guangdong YONGFENG LIHUA Shading Technology Co., Ltd. with new missions. We are now evolved into SunLever, a new brand in the outdoor recreational shading industry. SunLever embarks on a new business venture with a wide range of outdoor recreational shading solutions, including louvered pergola, louver, shutters, outdoor umbrella and outdoor shading structures. We possess a production base with over 40,000 sqm., an immersive showroom with an area of over 2,000 sqm., a robust product R&D team, a complete production chain, and a well-established sales and service system. With the support from our partner YFA, we are able to provide customers a diverse product collection, acquire an adequate delivery capacity, and develop an advantage amongst our competitors, at the early stage of establishment. At SunLever, we believe "Enjoying a different sunshine" is no longer a luxury - it is our reimagination and reconstruction of a better life. We will be committed to developing and fabricating superior outdoor recreational shading products that works anywhere, anytime. Our mission is to let everyone who loves outdoor living to be able to enjoy a different sunshine by creating a comfortable open area with our shading collection. In the near future, we strive to become the world's leading supplier of outdoor recreational shading solution.